sql and expression

sql or expression

equal(=) support

not equal(!=) support

gt(>) support

gte(>=) support

lt(<) support

lte(<=) support

sql in (eg. id in (1,2,3) ) expression

sql not in (eg. id not in (1,2,3) ) expression

paren bool support (eg. where (a=1 or b=1) and (c=1 or d=1))

sql like expression (currently use match phrase, perhaps will change to wildcard in the future)

sql order by support

sql limit support

sql not like expression

field missing check

support aggregation like count(*), count(field), min(field), max(field), avg(field)

support aggregation like stats(field), extended_stats(field), percentiles(field) which are not standard sql function

sql limit support


null check expression(is null/is not null)

join expression

having support